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Glidepath recently completed a major Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) recapitalisation project at Kelowna Airport, Canada. 

The three year project was completed within the operating airport where the baggage system had to remain working throughout the project without any baggage disruption. 

The project involved installation of two separate temporary systems to maintain baggage flow while building the full system. The final system was inclusive of check-in conveyors through to make up carousels. The project required exact phasing plans and schedules tied to the airport operations and the works undertaken by the general contractor. The installation included three four-way sorters, one of which needed to be cantilevered over a building expansion joint; two three-way vertisorts; two CTX5800 x- rays; two Herbert Pathfinda bag alignment devices and a vertical lift for threat bag evacuation.

Henry Castorf, Kelowna Airport Project Manager provided glowing feedback on the team's performance and was extremely satisfied with the end result. Milton Purchase, VP Canadian Operations said, “the team pulled off an outstanding project implementation, delivering a well-executed project ahead of time and within budget.”

Kelowna is a city in the south of Canada's British Columbia province, surrounded by provincial parks, pine forest, vineyards, orchards and mountains.

Kelowna Airport Glidepath Baggage Handling System


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