Glidepath Innovation – 28 years of in-house software design and field application

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Since 1990, Glidepath has been a proven one stop shop performer when it comes to innovative, high-throughput baggage systems design and implementation, when it developed its own, in-house software systems in conjunction with Hughes Aircraft Systems of California and aided by export development funding from the New Zealand government.

Nowadays, and 900+ installed systems later, Glidepath applies its smart “simulation” software packages to aid design, and to authenticate security in airport baggage systems design disciplines within the sales process, and prior to any manufacturing.

At the conclusion of the various engineering preparatory tasks, mechanical manufacturing, and prior to shipping to an airport site offshore, all of this technology, including software control systems, are applied to a project’s systems at Glidepath’s design offices. At the end of the control systems engineering cycle, Glidepath “emulate” the system’s design—as it is applied to the software and devices controlling every function of the sophisticated control systems. This discipline, inherent in every project, places Glidepath ahead of its competitors, ensures reliability, saves valuable time on remote job sites, and reduces risk and costs for our customers, while producing a reliable and auditable system—exactly what the customer expects.

Glidepath strives to “go that extra mile,” by steadily improving all engineering and software systems, while reducing risk and costs, and providing enviable performance. Software alone is just one defining discipline at Glidepath that elevates our company from the rank and file in the industry. In this fast-moving field, improvement is assured throughout Glidepath’s disciplines—through planned and well-funded applied science and innovation.

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