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Summer has arrived in Bermuda (finally, after a wet and windy winter), and the Glidepath installation work at Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) is looking mighty sunny, too.

The Glidepath team is working hard; ably assisted by a local team of 14 Bermudians; and the project is quickly shifting gear, transitioning from mechanical to electrical installation into full system automation, with the system being powered up, for the first time, last week—a major milestone in any BHS project. The team are pre-commissioning and livening up the sub-systems and will be working through the final install of the Sortation and Screening areas, to be ready for full system testing, scheduled for late July.

Back in New Zealand, the software engineering team have successfully passed FAT testing of the Glidepath suite of system software: GlideControl, GlideView, and GlideSort. And the BIWIS team (Bag Image & Weight Identification System), after their initial tests and demonstrations, which left airport representatives suitably impressed, are looking forward to an in-the-field demonstration for US Customs officials, scheduled for later this month.   

Everything is running on time, and on budget. Expectations are that the outbound system, including EDS and sortation, will be tested and functioning by the end of September this year.

Tourism is one of Bermuda’s two major economic sectors, so a smoothly working and highly efficient BHS at its only international airport is a must have. Glidepath is proud to be working on this project!

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