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Merge Conveyors

High speed merging or diverging of baggage

90 Degree Merge
When space restrictions prohibit the use of a Power Curve to convey baggage air-side, the 90 Degree Merge Conveyor provides a right angle  cascade from the Collector Conveyor.    

The low profile design of the 90 Degree Merge Conveyor provides accurate transfer and turning of baggage while also reducing the incidence of bag jams.
These units are can be set to match the baggage throughput rate of the Collector Conveyors units to which they are attached and feature the same sleek stainless steel design used in all Glidepath front-of-house conveyor products.

45 Degree Merge
The Glidepath  45 Degree Merge conveyor is designed for high speed merging of baggage onto a single conveyor line with controls options to prioritise the prime conveyor.

For fast, efficient baggage transfer, the 45 Degree Merge comes with a smooth top belt to provide a seamless cascade onto the prime conveyer. Variable control settings allow full control of the junction area between conveyers and prioritising of bag flow.

The 45 Degree Merge conveyer can merge up to 60 bags per minute.