ULD Cargo Handling

Glidepath uses its expertise in airport baggage handling systems to offer manual and automated ULD cargo handling systems designed to transport ULDs (Unit Load Devices) weighing up to 7,000 Kg.

The systems and products offered are robust and durable, and include orientation desks, scissor lifts, traversing vehicles, transfer tables, and both roller and ball decks.

We work closely with our clients from the beginning of a project, to ensure we offer the most appropriate customer-focused solution that meets all design criteria and operational requirements.

Glidepath's product partner is Norin (Norin Development Co., Ltd) who produce a full range of specialised ULD cargo handling equipment. Norin are industry leaders in the manufacture of equipment and components for air cargo. They are a Fortune-500 listed company (144th in the global top 500 corporations, 2015) and draw upon more than a quarter of a century of experience.

Glidepath provide full system design, integration, controls and software.

And after a project has been successfully completed, we offer on-going support and after-sales service, including a 24-hour hotline, and comprehensive preventative and corrective maintenance programs.