Contractor Minimum Health & Safety Requirements


This procedure sets the minimum health and safety requirements for contractors engaged by Glidepath.

Compliance with these requirements in no way relieves the contractor of any of its obligations under the contract.


These requirements apply to all contractors engaged to perform works on behalf of Glidepath.

Requirements Legal obligations: The contractor must

- Comply with the requirements of the WHS Legislation.

- Have in place any work health and safety policies and programs required by the relevant legislation.

Leadership: The contractor shall

- Have a current health and safety policy

- Have a structure in place with sufficient H&S resources appropriate to the works

- Document and communicate health and safety responsibilities for all personnel

- Consult with Glidepath about safety matters and comply with Glidepath policies.

- Communication & consultation: The contractor must

- Conduct all works in consultation with Glidepath.

- Participate in regular health and safety meetings, the schedule of which will be determined specific to the works being undertaken.

- Consult with staff regarding health and safety matters.

- Encourage staff participation in health and safety matters.

- Conduct daily pre-start meetings

- Conduct toolbox talks

Training: The contractor must

- Ensure all staff are trained appropriately for the works being undertaken.

- Ensure all staff have the appropriate licenses where required. i.e. trades license

- Ensure all staff have completed the site-specific safety induction

Hazard, near miss, incident reporting & investigation: The contractor must

- Notify Glidepath of any hazards, near misses or incidents immediately

- Investigate all reported hazards, near misses or incidents within 48 hours

- Ensure all actions resulting from the investigation are completed

- Notify Glidepath of the outcome of the investigation

- Risk Management: The contractor must

- Work safely and to include the safety of Glidepath staff and visitors in their plans.

- Provide a Work Health & Safety Management Plan applicable to the work being undertaken and submit to Glidepath for evaluation.

- Implement a risk management process which includes at a minimum:

• Maintain and regularly update a risk register

• Risk Assessment to be carried out prior to works starting

• Any actions and further controls implemented prior to works starting

• Safe Work Procedures, SWMS/JSA prior to works starting

- Provide the appropriate resources to ensure that work activities can be carried out safely.

• Tools

• Equipment

• Personal Protective Equipment

- Ensure that all equipment and tools are in safe working condition.

- Ensure that safety equipment and personal protective equipment is provided.

- Ensure work is only carried out by an appropriately trained person.

- Ensure all items brought on to site are safe and fit for purpose.

- Follow the Glidepath Lock Out Tag Out procedure.

- Ensure all plant and equipment is:

• registered where appropriate

• Inspected prior to use

• Maintained regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations

- Ensure all hazardous substances:

• Are stored appropriately

• Have the SDS

• Are included on the hazardous substance register

• Have been risk assessed

• Used in accordance with the SDS and safety procedures

- Ensure good housekeeping is always maintained.

- Abide by the health and safety requirements set out by Glidepath.

Emergency management: The contractor shall

- Ensure that staff are trained in the site-specific emergency response plan. Depending on the location and works being undertaken the plan may be owned by either:

• Glidepath

• The contractor

• The client

• All of the above

- Ensure staff participate in any planned emergency training drills.

Monitoring & evaluation: The contractor shall

- Continually review safe work procedures for effectiveness.

- Conduct regular workplace inspections and compliance audits.

- Ensure monitoring and evaluation is carried out for all risks.

- Formally report against contractor health and safety performance indicators monthly.

Key Performance Indicators shall be reported to the Glidepath contract manager monthly.