DWS Integration

revenue protection and recovery

An issue becoming more prevalent within the parcel handling industry is the potential for customers to incorrectly specify the weight and dimensions of parcels. Verification of parcel’s physical characteristics can be checked manually, but this is a slow and inefficient process.

If your customers are not providing the correct weight and dimensional information then they are not paying the correct amount and you are losing revenue.

Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning (DWS) systems are a highly efficient way to capture parcel weight and dimensions for revenue protection and recovery, whilst also obtaining information required for sortation purposes, optimal utilisation of space in transport vehicles or suitable temporary storage locations.

Glidepath have formed strong relationships with SICK Sensor Intelligence, a worldwide leading suppliers of DWS equipment. By working closely with these SICK, Glidepath have obtained extensive knowledge and understand of the conveyor layout and control system required to ensure maximum weight, volume and scan rate accuracy. Glidepath can provide you with a complete new parcel handling system with integrated DWS equipment; or Glidepath can modify your exiting parcel handling system with new equipment to achieve these DWS capabilities.

Glidepath endeavour to provide the most cost effective DWS solution that to maximise and already quick ROI.