automated conveyor sortation

fast and efficient sortation

Automated Conveyor Sortation systems will reduce your labour requirements, increase system throughput and accurately sort product using automated sortation equipment.  

Glidepath have strong working relationships with worldwide leading producers of sortation equipment. By working closely with these suppliers, Glidepath have obtained extensive knowledge and understand of the conveyor layout and control system required to ensure maximum throughput and sort accuracy.

Glidepath have built on their 40+ years of baggage handling system control methodology to develop a tracking, gapping and merge logic specifically for the parcel handling industry.   

Glidepath have developed their own proprietary sortation software package (GlideSort Freight) that allows Glidepath to seamlessly integrate the conveyor and sortation equipment with your chosen host enterprise system.

Glidepath specialise in automated sortation systems capable of achieving up to 6000pph

Automated sortation efficiency and higher throughputs can still be achieved cost effectively by introducing a small number of automated pre-sort devices to a manual sortation process.