GlideSort freight

sortation software package

GlideSort is a Client-Server software application that provides the functionality to process and manage parcel sortation, and provide instructions to the parcel handling system to route items to the appropriate lane.

The GlideSort Server runs 24 hours per day on redundant server configurations in a mode of operation ready at any time to receive parcel information from Dimension Weigh Scan (DWS) systems.

The web based User Interface or client application provides the operators with the necessary tools to set sort destination lanes for parcels, and set configuration parameters and sortation plans so that the system can identify and manage the overall parcel sortation process. The Operator Interface includes reporting capability for analysis of daily operations. It also includes a wide range of query tools that provide the operators with the ability to solve system and parcel issues quickly and effectively.

Features and Benefits:

- Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

- Fully configurable and expandable

- New or retro-fit, small or large systems

- Easily interfaces with industry software

- Dual redundancy (master and back-up)