Pre-packaged Solutions


Stage 1: Dimensioning  

The first entry-level stage takes your freight off the floor and onto conveyors at a safe ergonomic height for manual handling. Parcel Handlers are no longer continually bending up and down, walking back and forth and wasting time - double (even triple) handling parcels. 

Parcels are loaded onto a powered roller conveyor to be transferred through an automatic dimension scanning system where the volume is captured and recorded against the barcode ID. The parcel is then transferred onto a second powered roller conveyor to be manually sorted into the final sort destination container.

Packaged features include;

- SICK Dimension Scanning Tunnel (1, 3 or 5 sided / camera or laser scanning)
- Interroll's Modular Conveyor Equipment
- Manual Sortation with throughput approx. 2000 pph
- GlideFreight Software Package
- Various layout options available