Pre-packaged Solutions

Stage 1: Weighing and Dimensioning

The first entry-level stage takes your freight off the floor and puts it onto conveyors at a safe ergonomic height for manual handling. Parcel Handlers no longer continually need to bend up and down, or walk back and forth, and waste time handling parcels. 

Parcels are loaded onto a powered roller conveyor, to be transferred through an automatic weigh, dimension scanning system, where the weight and volume is captured and recorded against the barcode ID. The parcel is then transferred onto a second powered roller conveyor, to be manually sorted into the final sort destination container.

Weight and dimension capture will increase your revenue recovery and improve protection against under-ticketing.     

Packaged features include: 

- SICK Dimension Weigh Scanning Tunnel (1, 3, 5 or 6-sided / camera or laser scanning)
- Interroll's Modular Conveyor Equipment
- Manual Sortation with throughput approx. 2000 pph
- GlideFreight Software Package
- Various layout options available