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Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2001-2007, 2007-

Glidepath completes mutiple projects at Canada's largest and busiest airport

Glidepath has had a long association with Toronto’s Lester B Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest and busiest airport, and the second-busiest international air passenger gateway in the Americas. Our first, major contract with the airport was signed on September 11, 2001—a day that changed everything in the air travel industry. That initial contract, which ran for 18 months, was to replace and update Terminal 3 Pier C’s old and out-of-date baggage handling equipment, and to improve the sortation system. Challenges faced were tight access ways and a plethora of air conditioning ducts (isn’t that always the way behind the scenes at airports?). Glidepath completed the project on time and to budget.

And before that project had even been completed, work began on our next project at the airport: a hold baggage screening system (HBS) for Pier C; needed due to the increasing security requirements placed on the air travel industry since 2001. Glidepath worked closely with the airport and CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority), who maintained close scrutiny, in developing and implementing the HBS system to rigid government requirements. Concurrent with the Pier C HBS system work, Glidepath undertook work on Pier B, 2004-2007. Again, an HBS system, featuring a complex bag screening matrix and multiple x-ray devices—taking bags from sortation, into the screening matrix, and back out again.

Since these initial contracts, Glidepath has maintained a close relationship with the airport, completing a variety of important projects.

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