ULD Handling Equipment

specialised heavy materials handling equipment

Glidepath utilise a range of specialised heavy materials handling equipment for reputable manufactures and seamless integrate with our own proprietary sortation software packages and control systems. This includes such ULD handling equipment as:-

- Powered and non-powered roller decks

- Orientation Decks

- 90 Degree Transfer Decks

- Castor and Ball Decks

- Scissor Lifts (10ft & 20ft)- Transfer Vehicles

- Slave Pallets

- Mini-hoists (levelling from 200mm to 500mm)

- Dolly Tippers

- Weigh-scale Integration

With this range comprehensive range of mechanical, electrical, controls and software products, Glidepath cater for the simplest of operations to fully automated import and export systems for Airport or Courier logistics facilities.